Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Designs with Islands for Small Kitchens

It is very difficult to perform daily kitchen-based activities in a confined kitchen due to the space limitation.  Small kitchens can be very uninspiring and are easily neglected when it comes to decor and design.  There are numerous designs that can make your small kitchen your best kitchen. Wilco Timbers is ready to assist you in designing and installing high quality custom kitchen cabinets fused with your personal style.  We deliver exceptional workmanship while meeting your design requirements.  Wilco Timbers will design and manufacture space-saving modern kitchen cabinets suitable for your small kitchen.

An island adds a sense of elegance and style in a kitchen while maximising meal preparation space.  Small kitchens already have limited storage space; the addition of an island adds more options.  A small kitchen design doesn’t have to result in reduced counter space; islands can be very useful in this instance. Things to consider when adding an island to a small kitchen:

  • What you want to store in and display on the island
  • The layout of your kitchen is very important, kitchens that are best suited for an island are U and L-shaped
  • Consider the access of pets and children in the kitchen
  • The height of the island
  • Walking space

Small kitchens are so confined that the addition of an island or breakfast table is not an option.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t have one though; a small island is efficient and innovative in small kitchens.  A petite square island is the best for a small kitchen and is aesthetically appealing.  Wilco Timbers uses a 3-D design software system that can turn your ideas into a reality. We can assist you with integrating a custom island that’s uniform with the cupboards in the kitchen design.

If you have a small kitchen and need a bit more storage space or want to improve the design of your kitchen, call Wilco Timbers today.